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7- 9 september 2018 komt Arne Rubinstein van het Rites of Passage Institute (Australië) naar Nederland om de Leiderschapstraining – Rites of Passage Level 1 te verzorgen.  Dit is een unieke kans om deze training in NL/Europa te volgen:

Rites of Passage Leadership Training Level 1 : The Rite of Passage Framework

Sept 7 – 9 | ’t Landje, Borculo

Our Level 1 Leadership Training provides participants with the understanding of how to build Rites of Passage elements into their work helping them become a better leader, mentor, coach, teacher or parent to anyone going through transitional stages in their lives.

This interactive and cutting edge 3-day residential,
will give you:

*A deeper understanding of the elements of a Rite of Passage
and how to utilise them
* Skills to support teenagers during their transitional years
* Powerful ideas that can create positive behavioural changes
in homes, workplaces and social settings
* Entry level group facilitation knowledge
* Understanding how to beneficially apply Rite Of Passage
methods in your environment
* A clear easy to follow ongoing support pathway.

“The leadership training has helped me to set the standard in delivering
powerful and educational transformations for people in all stages of Life.
From the content, the location and most importantly: the facilitators, I have
been amazed and inspired to help bring this message back to the world.” – Sara

Bijdrage: € 575,00

For more information to register:

Agnes Eising +31 6 2455 2225

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